Five for Friday…oops! SIX for Saturday!!!

Working from Europe this week, and time (and jet lag) got the best of me. I will make it up for you with an extra link in this exclusive six-pack of stuff I found on the internet.

  • I have successfully passed my covid re-entry test (meaning that I didn’t catch the cooties in Denmark). Turns out that starting tomorrow a negative covid test is no longer required to enter the US
  • Charity Majors is a gem. So many times when I think I’ve needed to take time to think deeply and try to explain something, Charity is there to the rescue. This time, she explains job levels at Honeycomb – but the lessons and explanations are applicable at most tech companies.
  • I’m in love with my Mac M1 – so while this flaw is concerning, afaict, it’s not nearly as risky as the article states. It’s a security feature that other chips don’t even have that can, in special conditions, not work.
  • I was happy and excited to see Anne-Marie Charrett (former and future AB Testing guest) win the 2022 Eurostar Testing Excellence award. She’s a fantastic contributor to the software community.
  • This is an interesting article on what it means to waste time. I like that it says it’s ok to do what you enjoy, and that downtime is productive time.
  • Finally (sixthly?), something I often do when I travel (which means I haven’t done a whole lot of it the last few years) is read fiction. I have selectively read Stephen King novels throughout my life, and gave Billy Summers a shot – and loved it. Not as good as 11/22/63 (probably my favorite King novel), but still high quality writing.

That’s all I have for today. I suppose I almost got this done by the time Friday ended on the west coast, but hopefully a few of you read this and find something interesting.

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