Home Again

I implied at the end of my last post that I’d follow up after my keynote (I failed – sorry). This was a weird conference for me. While I attended nearly all of the keynotes, I only made it to a few other sessions, and didn’t have as much time to hang out with folks as I would have liked. For better or for worse, I spent the majority of the week in my hotel room working (internet access was much better than in the conference area). Even in hindsight, taking care of the day job was the right thing to do.

But I had a great time at STAR. I’m mostly happy with my keynote and think I delivered everything the way I wanted (incidentally, the keynote is online here). I thought Friday’s panel discussion with Jon Bach and Dawn Haynes was a lot of fun (although I probably couldn’t have been more annoyed with the content and style of Friday’s keynote speaker). Over all, it was another great STAR conference, and I can’t wait to attend another one.

And if you missed me, now that Xbox One is almost out the door, I’m planning to be back at STAR for STAR East this spring in Orlando. I hope to see some of you there.

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