Five for Friday – October 20

As promised, back again with five things I think are worth sharing this week.

  • First off, everyone needs to read this post from Cassandra Leung. It’s a well written and haunting view into sexual harassment. It’s something we all should read, reflect, and keep in mind as we grow any community we are part of.
  • This week’s WPA2 bug / exploit reminds me how much we all need to know about security (it’s not just a job for the experts). I ran into Feisty Duck this week, which  in addition to sounding like a cousin of Angry Weasel, has a ton of good information and training on software security.
  • Ministry of Testing are making a calendar to raise money for Linnea Nordström – the daughter of a member of the testing community. I bought two.
  • I just finished reading A Practical Guide to Testing in Devops by Katrina Clokie, and it’s really good. It’s a How We Test (internet connected) Software book that will answer a lot of questions I see testers ask about where software testing is going. It’s easy to read, balanced, and complete.
  • All of the desks at Unity can switch from seated to standing. As such, I’ve stood and worked a lot since I joined. I like standing when I work (like I am right now), but I just improved the experience 10x by buying a Topo from I can’t rave enough about it. It’s a little expensive ($100), but worth every penny.

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