My new world

Twenty-twelve has been a heck of a year so far. The day job has been keeping me swamped, but the work, the challenges, and the scope feel perfect – I’m having a great time, and I couldn’t ask for anything more in a job.

Historically, most of my blog posts come from experiences or inspiration from my day job (despite those who seem to think that every snide comment I make is about them, my snide comments are almost entirely about people I work with). While I’m sure that will continue to be the case, I’m still pretty deep in ramp up mode, and it turns out that the bulk of the work I need to do right now is solving a variety of test infrastructure and code issues. While I find this sort of work exciting to perform, I find it dreadfully boring to write about (apologies to all those who enjoy writing about these things).

But I do enjoy writing, and even as I write this trivial little blurb (a blurb that will turn into a blog post in about five minutes), I realize that I have a huge backlog of items not contrived from my day-to-day work that I can draw from in order to satisfy my need to write and share a few times a week.

Meanwhile, some chunks of my work are about things that I can’t blog about. In some ways, those are the most exciting. I have plans to share some of my thoughts on this when it’s appropriate, and I think it will be an interesting exercise (and hopefully, interesting reading when I can share). We’ll see what happens.

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