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Although I really enjoy talking about testing, I’m (purposely) speaking a lot less these days. I have a day-job that I love, and I like hanging out in the rainy Pacific Northwest. As of now (and I think a plan change is a long shot), I’m travelling to exactly one conference in CY13 (StarWest in Fall of 2013 – more on that later….but it will be epic).

However – if you are also in the Pacific Northwest, and want to hang out and talk about test innovation, I’ll be hanging out with the folks at qasig on the evening of March 13. I’ll be delivering an updated version of my EuroStar keynote on test innovation, and I expect it will be a fun night.

Beyond that (and depending on interest), I may do another free webinar soon (it’s been at least a year since the last one), but that will be about it for me talking about testing in person about testing.

More here later.


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