Six for Saturday – November 12, 2022

Yesterday was a bit of a blur, and FfF fell off the map. But – as has happened (at least) once before, the Saturday makeup is a six-pack of interesting things that I think you may find interesting as well.

  • You have to check out Programming Helper – you type (in english) what you want to do, and it generates code in the language of your choice. It works remarkably well – even on more complex ideas.
  • A wonderful article from The Atlantic on What Managers Can Do About Burnout
  • A colleague shared this great article from Rob Lambert on prioritization – If we’re doing this, we’re not doing that
  • Back when I was writing more, I remember reading advice that said (paraphrased), “Every time you want to use the word ‘very’ in your writing, replace it with ‘damn’. That way your editor will remove it for you”. This is still good advice, but if you want to choose an even better adjective, try out this site that helps you lose the very
  • I don’t point y’all to podcasts very often, but the recent Dev Interrupted podcast w/ Charity Majors was very good marvelous
  • It’s no secret that Twitter is a mess right now. For any Twitter employees reading this, my heart goes out to you. While there’s no single article that can sum up with chaos, my personal favorite is this collection of the 7 funniest imposter tweets from Twitter’s check mark fiasco

Thanks for your patience (and thanks for reading). See you next week.


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