Five for Friday – May 3, 2019

It’s been another incredibly busy week – many many meetings to help me ramp up – but I managed to find a few things worth sharing attempting to use the internet as a learning vehicle.

  • It’s no coincidence that this article on Leaders and Time found its way into my queue
  • I’m surprised I didn’t share this article already. How great managers give and receive feedback
  • I’ve thought for a long time that there must be reasons why comedians make good leaders – now there’s an article about this exact thing. I don’t agree completely with the appoint about using comedy to soften criticism, as it may prevent the message from being “heard”, but there’s value in all eight of these reasons
  • I’ve been listening to the Tech Talk Y’all podcast for a few months now, and it will stay on my download list. The show is just a quick recap of tech stories from the last week along with a few recommendations from the hosts daily life. They try to have fun, and manage to do so without being annoying.
  • I read Strategize by Roman Pichler last week. It’s written for product managers, but I think it’s a great book for anyone who wants to create (or be part of a team creating) software for people.
    This line could be right out of The Lean Startup:

    A product roadmap is not a guarantee; it is a high-level plan that describes the likely growth of your product based on what you currently know.

    My new role involves some product and program planning tasks, and keeping this line in mind has been helpful.

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