Why is the Weasel angry?

I’m surprised that many people are still asking me what an angry weasel has to do with software testing. The answer, of course, is nothing. I’m surprised however, how many people can visit my site at angryweasel.com/blog and never check out plain old angryweasel.com (where I happen to share the story of where the name came from).

I expect that this year, among other things, will mark the return of the Weasel – stay tuned.

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  1. I thought I knew what a weasel is. I had linked it to be the breed of walrus. Seeing “tooth of the angry weasel”, I used it for confirmation bias that I was right.

    However, I got curious to know about why weasels are angry or what kind of animals they are. Then I spent about an hour plus and was surprised they don’t belong to the walrus family.

    I too had this question of why you chose the name but now I know why you chose it. No, not because you disliked the guitarist but because you were dubbed so 🙂

    The “Home” link on the top points to /blog rather than the home of the website. So it might have influenced some people to consider the fact that you use the blogger or wordpress to run your portal and the pages visible here are the ones that are available.


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