2011 year end roundup

I’ve been on vacation (whatever that means) for almost a week now, and don’t plan to post again until 2012. To help fill in the break (and for anyone new to my blog), I thought I’d share some stats and popular posts from the last twelve months.

I wrote 60 blog entries in 2011. Some of the more popular posts (in no particular order) were:

I did a bit of speaking in 2011 (although, as usual, more than I planned). I was a pnsqc, at Intel in Israel, and at the Swiss and German Testing Day conferences. I also attended the second Writing About Testing conference (and had a great time).

Next year, I’m trying (again) to speak and travel less, blog about the same amount, and keep having fun working on the Xbox team. For everyone who’s read or posted a comment, thank you for supporting my silly addiction to writing. I hope I’ve given you something to think (or complain) about.

Best wishes for the holidays and 2012.


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