Five for Friday – January 21, 2022

Friday again – with Monday off, I had a week’s worth of meetings shoved into 4 days – but now it’s time to rest for a few days and finally watch the latest season of Cobra Kai on Netflix. But first – here are a few interesting links I found.

  • First – if you haven’t already, go get your free covid tests (and get vaccinated and boosted too!)
  • I finally finished a project that I started a year ago – then left alone for a year. I used a raspberry pie to connect my turntable to my sonos system. I used this guide – which installs the full OS rather than a headless version, but it seemed to work fine, and I had enough storage on the pi to make it work
  • I really like Chris Fenning’s work, and his recent article on 15 Essential Communication Skills You Need At Work has a whole lot of head-nodders from me
  • New Dollyrots album is out – it’s a collection of b-sides and non-album tracks, but it has a lot of my favorites on it. The covers of Dancing with Myself and Breed are excellent, and I’m really loving tracks like Cloud Ten
  • Full disclaimer – I own about $50 worth of cryptocurrency that I purchased as an experiment. I’ll let y’all know when I’m a zillionaire. Related – in something everyone could have predicted, El Salvador’s plans to run the nation on crypto isn’t going too well.

And now it’s the weekend. Have a fun and safe weekend and take care of yourselves. See you next week.

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