Five for Friday – July 16, 2021

I took the week off from work this week, and the week flew by far more quickly than I expected. Here’s some stuff worth sharing.

  • I got up early on Monday morning and hiked up Mt. Si, and made it to this breakfast spot by 8:00 am.
  • I took Friday’s off for a month straight last summer. I was more productive, and more rested, and I think the 4-day work week should be “a thing”. This study agrees.
  • After sitting on my kindle for over a year, I’m finally reading Sapiens. It’s a little dry in places, but overall, completely fascinating and poignant.
  • Never realized it was worth mentioning until it didn’t work for a few days this week, but the Boost app for Reddit on Android is fantastic, and worth the download (and it’s working again)
  • Finally, something I can relate to – The Snowball Effect of Procrastination

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