Five for Friday – July 29, 2022

I hate to be cliché and talk about the weather, but it’s freaking hot here in the pacific northwest. I hope everyone is staying cool and safe. Here’s some stuff to read while you melt.

  • Going to lead off this week with two links on Modern Testing. First is a great article from Laura de Paz on the Modern Testing World. It’s an overview written far better than anything Brent or I could have done.
  • There’s been a bit of a twitter discussion lately on Modern Testing Principle Number 7, which reads: “We expand (testing) abilities and knowhow across the team; understanding that this may reduce (or eliminate) the need for a dedicated testing specialist.” We knew this one would always generate some conversation, and Ben Dowen shares a good set of thoughts in The 7th Principle of Modern Testing.
  • Melissa Eaden wrote a post this week on The Treasure Maps of Committed Code that I think will be interesting to a lot of readers.
  • I really like the idea of #anonymous-dev-confessions: Putting humour in humility, and wonder if other teams or orgs do something similar.
  • Finally – I came across the Engineering Effectiveness Handbook from okay this week, and think it’s interesting and cool and has a lot of great ideas for any engineering team.

Thanks again for reading – see you next week.

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