Five for Friday – March 26, 2021

Back again, and once again, if you’d like to receive this post via email, you can sign up here. Here are some things you should know this week.

  • First – I wrote another article for TestProject – this one on Testing and the Road to Quality. I’m happy to say that with this article nobody (so far) has asked if I’m referring to “testing” or “checking”)
  • I forget where I read, “The best time to give feedback is yesterday. The second best time is now”- but this article on giving feedback embodies that statement along with a lot of great advice.
  • Speaking of feedback – this is a great article on owning your own 1:1. Again, a ton of great advice.
  • I love when people find cool ways to do useless things. Like this.
  • I’m sick of guns being more important than voting. Here’s one of many articles with the same opinion.

See you all next week!

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