Five for Friday – March 27, 2020

I’m settling into being at home all day – my work hasn’t really changed, it’s just odd never going anywhere. Here’s some stuff for you to ponder over the weekend.

  • This week’s Covid-19 info isn’t as good as last week’s data-filled article, but it has some good info – which is a bit surprising given that it’s an AMA with healthcare givers on Reddit
  • I’ve been using Goodreads quite a bit more lately – including slowly adding more of my library to my shelves. Here’s a link to my stuff.
  • I’ve also spent a few hours at Board Game Arena – it works well at the free level, but it’s a helpful enough platform that it didn’t take me long to send them some money
  • I’ve bookmarked this article on prototypes, proof of concept and MVPs – it’s stuff I end up discussing way too often – now I can just point them here.
  • Finally, an interesting story about what happens when a popular node library loses its owner.

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