Five for Friday – March 29, 2019

It’s Friday. Here are five things I found this week worth sharing.

  • First off, I am really enjoying playing Song Quiz on my Echo devices. It’s oddly addicting, and I have an embarrassing knowledge of 80s music.
  • This is from over three years ago, but someone linked to this article from Rob Lambert on 10 Ways To Initiate Change In An Organisation That Doesn’t Want To Change, and I think it’s worth a read
  • I also just discovered the Better Allies website – it’s full of great resources on creating inclusive communities
  • Also an old link, but also worth sharing if you haven’t seen it before. Read carefully, but this site is Totes not Amazon
  • Finally – two Friday’s from now, Brent Jensen and I will record the 100th episode of AB Testing – and we’re doing it live with a (virtual) audience. Ping me on twitter, slack, or email if you’d like to attend. The recording will be 8:00 am Pacific Daylight Time on April 12.

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