Five for Friday – April 5, 2019

Before the bullet points, I want to remind everyone that the 100th episode of AB Testing will be done live (via Zoom) at 8am PDT next Friday (April 12). If you want to listen in or participate, drop me a note (on twitter – @alanpage, in the comments, or email alan at <the domain where this is hosted>.

OK – off to the five interesting things I have to share…

  • I’m still neck deep looking for good articles on feedback – this one isn’t bad. How to Deliver Constructive Feedback in Difficult Situations
  • I have not-yet-read The Making of a Manager by Julie Zhuo – but this article about the book made me buy it.
  • Shhh – I sort of don’t like Scrum. Not because it doesn’t work – for some reason it’s just too easy to do wrong. Nevertheless, I still read a lot about where it works and doesn’t work, and sometimes I find an article that hits a lot of the good points about Scrum on the head. Why most Scrum Masters are destined to fail
  • If you don’t know me, you may be asking, “if you’re not into Scrum, what’s your deal?” I prefer kanban – it’s simple and focuses on flow. And as usual, someone else described a lot about what I like better than I could have. Running a Kanban Standup Meeting
  • I often wonder how many people who freak out over the concept of “Test is Dead” ever watched Alberto Savoia’s original talk.

    Albert says: “Of the 50,000+ people who saw the video, 90%+ (based on thumbs up/down ratings) got the message. But a small minority focused too much on the title and too little on the message.”

    If you’ve understood the nuance behind the statement and the underlying message all along, congratulations. For the rest of you stuck on the three words in the title of his talk over substance and discussion, hopefully this video from Alberto himself will give you something to chew on.

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