Five for Friday – May 10, 2019

Still loving my new role at Unity. As I look at the links I saved this week, I’m wondering if an analysis of my FfF posts over the last 18 months will show trends in my actual day-to-day work. I’ll leave that random thought for those smarter than me to investigate.

  • If this isn’t the first time you’ve read something of mine, you know that I think testing is evolving into something that isn’t the testing of 10 years ago. #oneofthethree listeners of AB Testing has this nice post on good activities for testers.
  • At the same time as testers are doing more than testing, developers are doing a lot more testing. I liked this post on writing testable code.
  • A colleague posted a link to How Amazon Uses Agile Team Structures and Adaptive Practices – and I think there’s something there to learn
  • One of my smoke alarms for teams using kanban is the “In Test” column. Jit Gosal has some good ideas for thinking about this in this post.
  • Someone seriously needs to post an internet counter that shows Days Since Someone has Posted Anything About Open Workspaces. This article is from 9 days ago, so I guess the current number is 9. Slack’s head of workplace design thinks open floor plans “suuuck”

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