Five for Friday – October 1, 2021

We made it through another week. Sort of. Between this, that, and some really gnarly other stuff, here are a few links I found that you may find interesting as well.

  • In teams I lead, I do as much as I can to ensure a culture of transparency, accountability, and psychological safety. As such, I’m always interested in articles and research like this, that discuss workplace toxicity
  • The PNSQC Conference Program is out. This has always been one of my favorite conferences for discussing Quality (and not just testing). It’s worth checking out.
  • I’ve been re-reading this article on self-service models for platform teams, and like a lot of what it has to say.
  • This article on teams as networks resonated a lot with me as well.
  • I’m probably behind a lot of you, but I just discovered ohmyzsh and it’s made my mac terminal a lot more fun.

That’s all 5 for this week – I’ll try it again in a week.

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