Five for Friday – October 13

Inspired by Tim Ferris, and more recently, Marcus Purvis (Five Share Friday), I too am going to start sharing five interesting-to-me ideas or links every Friday.
Until/unless I forget. Here goes this week’s list.
  • I’ve been reading a lot (a LOT) of management books recently. Last week, I completed Debugging Teams, and recommend it. I found the earlier chapters to be interesting and valuable, especially concept of HRT – Humility, Respect, and Trust, and think it’s a good way to treat people in general.
  • One of our organizations at Unity uses peer bonuses. I have liked the idea ever since I heard of Google doing it years ago. Now, there are sites like to help orgs get this concept bootstrapped
  • The latest (oops, not latest  any more) Manager-Tools podcast is an interview with Wade Foster (CEO of Zapier). Zapier (which is just damn cool on its own) is a 100% remote company, and the interview shares a lot of ideas on how to combine good management with remote work.
  • My job is filled with random tasks, and my personal life isn’t any better. Many years ago, I began using to track everything I do in a personal kanban board. The two rules of kanban (visualize your work, limit your work in progress) help me keep things organized and get stuff done. I also attended a class once from Jim Benson and highly recommend his book on personal kanban
  • At this very moment, I’m listening to one of the best artists you’ve never heard of. Ben Union (also on spotify) is a Seattleite with some (I think) really interesting music.


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