Five for Friday – February 12, 2021

Another week whirled by – here’s some stuff I found worth sharing.

  • I polished off another fiction book last week – this time it was Dark Matter by Blake Crouch. It’s a quick and fun read – not 5-stars good, but definitely interesting enough to recommend.
  • Someone on the ABTesting slack pointed me to, and this very cool visualization showing the relationship of the AB Testing Podcast and other podcasts
  • If you were under a rock, you may have missed the hidden security challenges in package management – Dependency Confusion: How I Hacked Into Apple, Microsoft and Dozens of Other Companies
  • I’m doing a virtual meetup for the Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference next month – you can sign up here.
  • I don’t really get to write much code anymore, but I came across lite recently, and wow – it’s small and fast, and I like it.

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