Five for Friday – September 29, 2023

I think I’ve fully recovered from my long walk. My home office is a a mess right now, but I’m hoping this weekend is the time when I finally get everything put away. In the meantime, here are a few articles I found interesting this week.

  • I’m well aware that almost all of you already read Michael Lopp’s blog posts. It’s no secret that I’m a fan, and I try not to read every article he writes. This week’s post on The Seven Meetings You Hate is worth posting here anyway.
  • I’m one of those odd self-taught programmers, but I’ve always enjoyed some of the algorithm metaphors that exist. I really enjoyed this article on The Drinking Philosophers Problem.
  • I learned about Steampipe this week (select * from cloud;). Looks like a lot of fun, and something I’m definitely going to be playing with.
  • The internet (esp. linkedin) is full of people who haven’t bothered learning anything about AI or LLMs dismissing it all as a toy or a fad. The rest of us, are playing catch up, and getting as much context as we can to understand how LLMs will advance software engineering. I thought this article on Challenges with Adopting Domain-Specific LLMs had a lot of good thoughts and insights.
  • I’m way behind on podcast listening, but I just added The Geeking Out podcast based entirely on the interview with Hazel Weakly.

Thanks again for reading, and hope you found something interesting. See you next week.

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