The most complete book review of all time

After my presentation at PNSQC in October, I was giving away copies of How We Test Software at Microsoft, and Michael Larsen said that if I gave him a copy, he’d review it on his blog. I figured that was better than giving it to someone to sell on ebay, so I took a shot.

Michael responded with the most in depth multi-part book review ever. Seriously, it was pretty cool, and I owe Michael a copy of my next book (which I plan to start writing sometime in 2027).

If you missed it and want a nice recap of the book, here’s the full review index.

Chapter 1: Software Engineering at Microsoft

Chapter 2: Software Test Engineers at Microsoft

Chapter 3: Engineering Life Cycles

Chapter 4: A Practical Approach to Test Case Design

Chapter 5: Functional Testing Techniques

Chapter 6: Structural Testing Techniques

Chapter 7: Analyzing Risk with Code Complexity

Chapter 8: Model-Based Testing

Chapter 9: Managing Bugs and Test Cases

Chapter 10: Test Automation

Chapter 11: Non-Functional Testing

Chapter 12: Other Tools

Chapter 13: Customer Feedback Systems

Chapter 14: Testing Software Plus Services

Chapter 15: Solving Tomorrow’s Problems Today

Chapter 16: Building the Future


Thanks again to Michael for the in-depth write up. I expect that anyone wanting the short version of hwtsam will be greatly appreciative.

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