Five for Friday – February 28, 2020

  • I read Outcomes over Output on a plane ride to the bay area yesterday. It’s a quick read, and full of great information and reminders on delivering customer outcomes and behavior changes (which ultimately result in business and customer value).
  • I also just read Radical Focus – it’s a book (a business novel) about effective use of OKRs to drive goals. It’s also a quick read, and another I can recommend to anyone who wants more effective OKRs, or just a better way to focus their teams work against results.
    I didn’t plan it, but these two books are highly complimentary – ymmv
  • What is a platform anyway? Read the article for a good answer.
  • Because it had to exist – a radial visualization of Corona virus infection.
  • I think Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is bad-ass – but I love that Ted Cruz tried to call her out this week for voicing her disappointment in Pence’s corona virus credentials. Here’s a recap.

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