Five for Friday – November 1, 2019

I’ve been in a funk this week – too many things I’m interested in, and not enough time to remain interested.

  • My Introduction to Modern Testing course is available on the Ministry of Testing Website – so far, feedback has been quite positive.
  • I had an old article of mine (I’m Tired of Finding Bugs) translated into Portuguese this week. Note that I glanced at it, recognized a few words, and assumed it was Spanish. Thankfully I was reminded nicely by a follower, but dumb mistake on my part anyway.
  • I binged all of season two of the People Leading People podcast this week. Lot’s of good interviews – there were a few where I didn’t agree with the leaders approach, but I may have enjoyed those even more.
  • As predicted in AB Testing Ep 95, the Seattle Sounders are heading to the MLS Championship match.
  • It’s NaNoWriMo – the time of year when a million casual writers slowly learn how hard good writing actually is. Once again, I’m attempting to write a book this month, and will do so until life gets in the way.
    My record to this point is nearly 4 days of writing during the month of November – but today is different. It’s only 5:38pm, and I’ve already opened the google doc where I will type today’s words.


    • Definitely a topic in mind – but nothing remarkable. I’m just hoping the daily practice of writing long-term fiction will have some positive spin for me


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