Five for Friday – May 17, 2019

Here we go again…

  • The Heisenbug Conference call for papers is open. These folks treat speakers like rock stars, and I highly recommend the conference.
  • Speaking of conferences, it’s almost time for the Online Test Conference. The lineup is incredible (and I’d say that even if Brent Jensen and I weren’t speaking), it’s free, and you can attend from home.
  • Here’s a secret – I’m a fan of almost everything Al Shalloway writes. This article is no exception. The Five Whys of Lean as an Answer to the “But” of Scrum (note – he recently republished this – it was originally written in 2009).
  • This week I found the Jira Python library – which, for better or for worse, is something I expect I’ll use to some extent (the library is great; it’s Jira that I worry about).
  • If you’re like me, when you hear someone talk about “cultural fit”, you either cringe or stop and ask, “wtf do you mean by cultural fit?”. This article on What’s the Difference Between Cultural Fit and Cultural Impact? cleared up a lot of my worry and confusion.

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