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If you’re interested in stalking me, here are some places I’ll be in the coming months.

On October 18th, I’ll be talking about code reviews at the Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference. If you want to catch me there, you better catch me on the 18th, because I’m flying to Toronto on October 19th to present at the Toronto TesTrek Symposium and talk about ways of connecting with the customer.

I’ll be in Munich from January 24-28 for OOP 2010, delivering an evening tutorial on testing at Microsoft (an updated and expanded version of a talk I gave at Siemens last year), and a track presentation based on my 2009 STAR East keynote (for some reason, I rarely repeat presentations, but I’m guessing few people at OOP will have seen me at STAR). I’m also sort of excited that Robert “Uncle Bob” Martin will be giving a keynote, and look forward to (finally) getting a chance to hear him speak.

And finally, I’m fairly certain that I’d like to give some sort of webinar using the product I work on, Microsoft Lync. I honestly would love to get feedback from testers on how ad-hoc meetings work outside the corporate environment – especially from those who have used other meeting web clients before. But first, I probably need a compelling topic, and that’s where I’m hoping you can help out. The topic can be anything you’ve seen me speak, blog, or tweet about – I’ll keep the prezo short (30 minutes or so) so we can have ample time for discussions about the topic or technology. Post your ideas here, or send me a tweet (@alanpage). First topic to five votes wins (or the first topic that I think is a really cool idea)!

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