Five for Friday – April 19, 2019

It’s FfF time again

  • I think (hope) everyone knows that this blog series is based entirely on Tim Ferris’s Five Bullet Friday posts. I listen to some of Tim’s podcasts – and his recent interview with Eric Schmidt is fantastic. If you don’t like podcasts, there’s a transcript here.
  • I’ve been thinking about interviewing and hiring – so of course, I’ve found a few good articles. This one from hackernoon on How to Hire the Best Developers is interesting.
  • It’s Game of Thrones week, so the internet inevitably produced an article on Game of Thrones styles of leadership.
  • A disclaimer: I often find good blog articles on commercial sites. If I think they’re worth reading, I share them anyway – even if I don’t endorse the company. That said, The Ten Qualities of a True Leader.
  • I’m reading Brave New Work – which is one of those books I love because it agrees with my principles and philosophies so much. Consider this harsh – yet accurate quote about managers.

    After a broad workforce analysis, [Gary] Hamel and his coauthor, Michele Zanini, claim that roughly half of the 23.8 million management roles in the United States are unnecessary. They found that a new wave of companies (including many featured in this book) have managed to cut their manager-to-employee ratio in half while keeping performance up.

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