Five for Friday – December 13, 2019

It’s the Friday the 13th version of FfF!

  • New to me is this collection of culture decks – public slide decks describing the culture of several companies.
  • A reminder that ‘Tis the Season for Technical Debt
  • This is a year old, but I just found this series of articles from Steve Rubin on interviewing. Start Here
  • With another series post here for you, here’s part 1 of a series on getting rid of the “testing” column on a kanban board
  • I’m finally getting around to reading The Unicorn Project. It’s a (possibly too) contrived story of a company going through a devops transition. There are a lot of parallels in the book to Modern Testing Principles, including this line that matches our view of the test specialist role on a mature development team.
    Maxine knows that the developers will eventually be responsible for testing their own code, with QA taking a more strategic role, coaching and consulting.”

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