Five for Friday – December 20, 2019

I’m going to take a few weeks off to end the year – the next FfF will be in early 2020 (ish).

In the meantime, check this stuff out.

  • I watched the impeachment hearings this week (spoiler, Trump was impeached). I tried to watch objectively, but Doug Collins being a shithead ruined it for me. It does remind me that Politifact seems to be unbiased in figuring out what’s actually true or not (regardless of the gaslighting we’re all subjected to constantly).
    <deep breath…>
  • I like this article on testing serverless applications – at least partially because they point out what a stupid label serverless is.
  • I’m upset with myself for not knowing that existed. It does quick auto-generation of .gitignore files.
  • HBR collected their favorite management tips from 2019 – they’re (almost) all quite good.
  • The whole internet probably already knows about this, but cat pictures as http error codes is an excellent guide.

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