Five for Friday – January 5, 2024

Happy New Year FfF readers. I had a nice little break from posting, but the random links of random things are back.

  • I read fiction during my break. I like fiction, but I read so many other books that I don’t make time for it. I read four books over break, but I am an absolute sucker for books about time travel. I just find it interesting to see how yet-another-author tries to explain how time travel works in their made up world. Nobody does a great job, but I read Recursion, by Blake Crouch, and Lost In Time, by A.G. Riddle, and both authors made a reasonable attempt. Neither of these two are literary masterpieces, but they were fun reads (Recursion being a bit better).
  • One link will get you many – this is the first post in a series on Writing and Improving Code with AI. I think the people who figure out how to accelerate and improve their work through AI will be the superstars of the future.
  • Linked in shared their Developer Productivity and Happiness Framework. I think it’s definitely worth browsing (if not bookmarking).
  • I read this article on 8 Essential Qualities of Successful Leaders – it’s pretty good, and there’s nothing I disagree with – but given that the attributes lean heavily on the human side, I think self-reflection may be missing. Without the ability to look at yourself, and the way you’re coming across, some of these would be hard to master.
  • Here’s a fun one to close with. A developer thought they were interviewing. Instead, the fake hiring company drained their crypto wallet.

It’s good to be back – thanks for reading (and thanks internet for an endless supply of interesting articles)

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