Five for Friday – January 19, 2018

  • Quote I’ve been pondering: “An expert is not someone that gives you the answer, it is someone that asks you the right question.” —Eli Goldratt
  • I’ve been thinking about the new-employee experience recently, and recalled this article about starting new employees on Friday. It’s something I want to try.
  • I’m traveling this week, and wanted to give a shoutout to the Osprey Ozone 46. I never check a bag, and this bag holds everything I need for a week, along with my electronics, etc. If not fully packed, I can shove it under a seat, but my assumption is that since it’s a backpack, I’ll never be asked to gate check it.
  • Yet-another-article-on-microservices worth reading.
  • I may have mentioned before my admiration for Simon Sinek. I don’t normally like “fluffy” books, but I just gave my leads at Unity a copy of Better Together, as I’ve found so many great quotes and so much inspiration from this little book.


  1. I’ve started traveling with a backpack for my carry-on, and I’ve never been asked to gate check it, even after the gate agent announced that the overhead bins are all full. I haven’t tried to get everything into a single backpack, though, so it gets a bit awkward with a small backpack to go under the seat and a larger one to go in the bin. I know there are a few options where a day pack can integrate with a larger pack, but none I’ve found are great for serious hiking.

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