Five for Friday – March 23, 2018

I skipped last week while I was at Testbash, but back again to share a few things of interest to me this week.

  • What I’m reading: Practical Monitoring. I’ve been thinking a lot lately how I take teams who are not used to using monitoring extensively, and get them ramped up, and this book has been excellent for me getting my thoughts organized.
  • Quote from the above book that reminds me a lot of Modern Testing is:
    “Monitoring is not a job — it’s a skill, and it’s a skill everyone on your team should have to some degree.
  • One thing I thought was really fantastic about Testbash was that Rosie (until recently, Bossboss of Ministry of Test) brought her new baby with her, and Bossbaby was accepted and embraced by all.
  • An important point to remember when it comes to culture: Culture is the Behavior You Reward and Punish
  • Finally, interesting information about Slack and the privacy of direct messages.

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