Five for Friday – March 30, 2018

Some of these links are worth full on blog posts, but I’ll try to keep this short.

  • This quote re-popped on my radar this week while thinking about leading change. “What looks like resistance is often a lack of clarity.”
    It’s from the Heath brothers book, Switch. While many of us may complain about why change can be so hard, it’s often because the message of what we want to do isn’t clear. The harder challenge, frequently, is making our message clear.
  • This is a few weeks old, but Katrina Clokie’s talk on Testing in DevOps is worth watching.
  • Cindy Sridharan is back with another wonderful post on Testing in Production, the safe way. It’s long, but worth reading
  • I read books on defensive programming well before I was a very good programmer. I have a huge soft spot for developers who promote methods of preventing bad code from ever being written. Adam Boro wrote a nice article on the subject – Become a Better Programmer by Making It Hard to Write Bad Code
  • Last, but not least, Jeff Nyman wrote a fantastic blog post this week that is absolutely worth reading – Let’s Broaden Our Testing Wisdom

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