Five for Friday – May 24, 2019

Another dreary wet day in the pacific northwest. Here are a few things I found interesting this week.

  • FocusMate is an interesting idea. It connects you with an anonymous person over video, and you each just work on your stuff. The idea is, that if someone is watching you, that you are less likely to goof off.
  • I’m liking Go (the programming language) more and more for services. If you also like Go, this article on an upcoming error package is probably interesting to you too.
  • Steve Denning appears yet again in FfF with an article on Fake Agile
  • MMA (Midi Musical Accompaniment) is a command line program that takes plain text input and turns it into a midi file. It’s a slightly nerdier alternative to the Band-in-a-Box software I used ~20 years ago.
  • I was a guest on the Test & Code podcast recently. Just me rambling about the normal things, but worth checking out to see if I say anything controversial.

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