Five for Friday – October 13, 2023

Travel week, so I spent a bit less time on the internet, but still have a few things to share.

  • On a flight on Monday, I just about finished The Right Kind of Wrong by Amy Edmondson. I adore The Fearless Organization, and this book builds on that and talks extensively about the types of mistakes we make and how we learn from those different experiences. It reminds me of Human Error by James Reason – but a much better read.
  • It’s been a long minute since I lined to a Jeff Nyman post, but his article on What Actually Is Testing? is excellent, and a must read for anyone making software (certainly not just dedicated testers)
  • And speaking of people I haven’t linked to in a long time, Keith Stobie just (or within the last few weeks) wrote about Testing LLM Generate Code – which is something I’m really concerned about. I think there is a rising amount of code being written and pushed to production that isn’t fully understood. That should be at least a little scary.
  • I gripe a lot about Scrum, because teams too often get lost in the rituals over actually delivering incrementally and adaptively. One big gripe are standups, so was ecstatic to see Mike Cohn write about making standups better – .Daily Scrums Not Working? Try This Instead.
  • I usually try to avoid Medium, but recently discovered the posts of Sebastian Carlos. His latest, How Upgrading Node Broke My Build but Saved My Marriage is fantastic.

Thanks again for reading – have a great weekend.

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