Five for Friday – September 20, 2019

Here we go again…

  • I’ve once again fallen into the trap of reading too many books at once. I will carve some time out soon to get caught up. The latest book to join my “in progress” queue is Software Estimation Without Guessing by George Dinwiddle. Our views on estimation line up quite a lot, and this book has already been invaluable in a few conversations I’ve had in the last week.
  • Yet another article on generalists vs. specialists. A generalist is born when a specialist becomes bored
  • I’ve been Linux and Mac exclusively for over a year now, but I’m still learning my way around the shell sometimes. I’ve been going through yet-another unix shell tutorial this week – and while a lot of it is a review, I’m still finding it valuable.
  • Given my interest in data analysis to understand customer usage, I’m pretty excited to have deltaDNA join Unity this week.
  • My favorite tweet of the week:

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