Five for Friday – March 13, 2020

It’s the WFH edition of FfF – which isn’t really any different from any other edition of FfF

  • Ministry of Test had to cancel two of their conferences this week. They are such a fantastic resource for anyone interested in quality – if you don’t have a Pro membership with them (ridiculously cheap at ~$300), please look at the benefits and consider it.
    Brent doesn’t know it yet, but I think we’re going to figure out how to give away a Pro membership at some point to someone deserving.
  • Speaking of supporting good stuff with $$, I finally bought a membership to Medium. I was getting around their article limits by reading in incognito windows – or avoiding articles I didn’t think would be worth my 3-per-week limit, but I realized that I could just save myself a few hundred or more dollars worth of time by buying a year membership for the price of a craft cocktail in Manhattan.
  • This article on what to do with an employee obsessed with promotion brought back a lot of memories of msft – but had some good advice as well.
  • I love (LOVE!) this article on Building a Culture of Experimentation from HBR. I may have to subscribe there as well…
  • I’ve had a lot of fun this week playing Guess My Word. Good luck with your binary searching. My record this week is finding a word in 9 guesses in just under a minute (normal).
    Good luck.

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